meta name= revisit-after content= X days

here i want to explain what is this meta and why webmaster are using it and nowadays why they have not using it. Google is ignores this kind of metas

  • By using this so called REVISIT-AFTER meta tag we can tell the spider to come back to our website and index it again. This meta tag is used by several North American search engines.
  • The “revisit-after” tag has absolutely no value in HTML nor SEO. At no point of time did this tag ever have any value. There was a single search engine which was never of any significance which created this tag, but it was never adopted by Google nor anyone else.
  • This meta was used by one regional search engine in Canada many, many years ago and not by any other engine.
  • One search engine has ever supported it, and that search engine was never widely used
  • One author wrote on webmaster forum that he has not seen this kind of meta since 2002.
  • Another user saying that Google ignores such metatags, you can safely throw it away.
  • One user is suggesting to use this information in our sitemaps, which we are already doing by giving the priority to URLS.
  • Read this ” Occasionally webmasters needlessly include “revisit-after” to encourage a search engine’s crawl schedule, however this meta tag is largely ignored. If you want to give search engines information about changes in your pages, use and submit an XML sitemap. In this file you can specify the last-modified date and the change-frequency of the URLs on your site.”
  • Above thing also mentioned in Google webmaster blog also at here:


Summary:  All articles are showing that Google is ignoring this metas.

Below are the resources!topic/webmasters/F7X-oUha3wI

Below are metatags google usualy understands




Google Wishes me Happy Birthday

Google is showing Birthday Doodle with Candles on it Name while you are logged in.Google Wishes me Happy Birthday

Google showing this Special Doodle while you are logged in Google Account. see below image. this is  very good user would have feeling amazing while seeing this on Google SERP Page. Thank you Google for this.

Googel Doodle Birthday

This is a very Good that google is doing such things. you can follow me on Twitter @parmardivyesh86

Google is testing Ads in Local Pack 3

Ad in Local Pack 3

Google is Testing ads in Local pack 3 sections.

Ad in Local Pack 3

while deeply observing this i have found that the ad showing here in Google Local Pack is not relevant to its category, I Search for Employment Agencies in Pasadena and it shows ad related to Engineering Consultant. and another things The business listing coming in local pack is on the above google ad listing as you can see in ads above the local listings packs.  see below image

As in Local Pack 3

This is a test only so we will see Improvements when this feature goes live. waiting for this things goes live.

Google Says Offer Users Access To Both IOS and Android to Redirecting Download apps

Webmaster asked to Google:
The webmaster said he redirects iOS users to one place and Android users to another place and asked how that might impact Google indexing the two pages.

John Mular from Google wrote:
This is essentially the same thing as a country- or language-specific setup (eg, redirect users with a French-language browser to the French version of the page).

Our recommendations there are to allow all users (and search engines) to access all versions, and to show a subtle banner to the “perceived wrong” users pointing them at the better-fitting versions of the page — something like “it looks like you’re using Android – click here to see the Android version of this page”.

Using a cookie to save the user’s preference (ideally let the user specify that with a checkbox like “always show the Android version”) and automatically redirecting when that cookie is set is fine too (and wouldn’t affect search since crawlers generally don’t keep cookies).

This will result in both of these pages getting indexed, and making it possible for users to explicitly find either of them when relevant.

Inspired from Search Engine Roundtable